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Permission is hereby granted by Bentsen Grove Management to the above named Resident(s) to have the pet(s) listed above, within the guidelines of the Bentsen Grove Guidelines/Rules.
I agree that my dog is currently licensed and immunized. It is my responsibility to have proof readily available if necessary. If my dog is found to not be currently licensed or immunized, it is grounds for eviction from our Community.
The resident(s) agrees to the following: Disturbances such as consistent barking, snarling, growling, etc., which cause a legitimate complaint is cause for revoking permission to keep your pet in our Community. Any pet, when not inside your residence MUST be on a leash at ALL times and owner must be in physical control of the animal at all times. Pets are NEVER allowed to run free anywhere on the Community property except the Dog Park/Run. Pets are NEVER to be left outside when a member of the household is not home. Pets are not to be left outside the home for extended periods of time. No invisible fences and or pens are permitted. No electronic leashes are permitted. Please do not run pets beside golf carts. If you choose to do so, it is at your own risk to you, your pet and others. Home site must be kept clean of pet litter. It is the responsibility of the Residents to clean up after their animal when they are walking them. No pet is to invade the privacy of anyone’s homesite, flowerbeds, shrubs, etc. Please be considerate of your neighbor’s property and park property. Management reserves the right to access a $50 fine (to be added to your rent) if a resident is proven to allow their animal to use another homesite or Community property as a toilet without cleaning it up. Pets are not allowed in the rec halls, swimming pool, shower areas or laundries unless it’s a service animal and has appropriate documentation to that effect. Visiting pets must be registered at the office, are only allowed to stay two (2) weeks, and must conform to all Community Pet Policies We do not prohibit breeds. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to keep their animal in complete control and also to keep their animal out of harm’s way if they feel uncomfortable in any way. Management recommends that you do not approach any animal that you are not comfortable with. Pet owners will be held responsible for their animals actions and may be asked to leave the community if Management deems necessary. In the event that any animal is reported “agressively biting” a person or domestic animal, the pet owner of the dog that caused the actual physical harm will be required to immediately report the issue to the Community Office and must permanently remove the pet from the park. The pet owner will be responsible for any medical bills resulting from the attack. All incidents must be reported to not only the Community Management, but to the local police department as well. “Agressively biting” means the dog physically bit the person or animal in a manner not normally associated with playfulness or accidental behavior while exhibiting objective signs of aggression, attack behavior, or intent to harm. The feeding of stray animals is strictly prohibited. Once you engage in this practice, the animal becomes a pet and is subject to the pet guidelines/rules outlined here. We love our wildlife. Please do not allow your pet to harass or kill rabbits or squirrels. If a pet is lost/given away/dies, a new pet agreement must be acquired and filled out with Management before replacing the pet. Resident understands that these guidelines/rules apply to the Dog Park/Run as well. Failure to comply with all established pet policies as outlined above (except rule 11) will result in one warning before removal of the pet is required. Should residents choose to leave the park, NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. I/We hereby agree to the conditions set forth above. It is further understood and agreed that any infraction on my/our part of these conditions or any interference with the rights of Management or other Residents, at the option of Management shall result in the withdrawal of the permission and shall be construed as the failure on my/our part to perform the responsibilities of my/our residency. It is understood that my/our residency may be terminated as provided by law for violation of this permit and my/our lease.** ** Any false statement or material omission of information on the community application and/or on this addendum shall result in the withdrawal of permission to keep & maintain any pets in our community. Bentsen Grove also reserves the right to impose fines for any pet rule infraction.

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